Gray and white kitchens

Hubs and I, mostly Hubs, built our house and when we moved in I had nothing, not even a toilet!!  Within 24 hours we had a toilet and a bathtub with running water.  For a few weeks I did dishes in a big bowl in the bathtub.  Oh the memories!  Now we have all the appropriate fixtures and appliances but it’s nowhere near finished.  In fact, my kitchen counter tops are made of contact paper.  That’s how it goes when you’re paying cash as you go and your not mega rich…slow.

There’s lots of inspiration on Pinterest to keep hope alive that someday I’ll have a real kitchen complete with cabinets and counters and everything.  Right now I’m on a gray and white kick which is a change from what I loved when we first moved in three years ago.  That kind of makes me nervous to commit to anything!

I love the marble counters, open shelves and tile back splash in this kitchen.

I love the shade of gray in this one and the plank wall.  (We have nothing but blank walls throughout our entire house.)

This one is so light and airy.  ♥

One of these days…