Why I’m no longer nuts about nuts!

Several days ago, my oldest came to me and said, “My teeth are turning gray!”  Hubs and I looked in her mouth and sure enough, her teeth looked terrible.  They weren’t actually gray but extremely transparent and covered with what looked like brown etching marks and all of her lower molars were a mottled color and decaying.  She’s had trouble with a few molars since she was about five.  With diet changes years ago we managed to heal one completely and the other two, while they developed holes and dark spots, eventually healed over.

Recently, she lost her last baby tooth and when the adult tooth began to break through we could see that it was already completely dark yellow.  I thought maybe she’d injured it and it was dead but then it began to show more signs of decay so we went on the antifungal diet.  (The one we’re on now.)  Her tooth was showing great improvements and even turning white with no more outward signs of decay…until this.

We all keep a very close eye on her teeth.  Her mouth is like the canary in the coal mine around here.  It let’s us know when we’re screwing up and her newest tooth troubles happened within just a few of days!

Hubs and I were devastated.  She was devastated.  We were totally baffled too.  We’ve followed this diet more perfectly than ever and for longer than ever (just over 3 months) and had tremendous improvements in her teeth as well as her and Hubs low blood sugar problems.  My energy was great and my high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and headaches were all gone but then it seems recently the bottom began to fall out and now we’re all screwed up.

On this diet, our son’s eczema looks like it’s turned into leprosy it’s becomes so bad.  His arms and legs are completely covered with huge scales and lesions.  Hubs developed GERD (without the acid feeling or taste) and thought a few times he was having a heart attack.  I  recently have five teeth with small cavities all.of.a.sudden. and I don’t ever get cavities!  My arthritis started creeping back in as are my headaches and my blood pressure has jumped up into the prehypertension numbers and the week before and of my last period I was so weak I could barely stand at the sink and do dishes.  I told Hubs I was pregnant tired but worse because I feel it 24 hours a day.  I’m pretty sure it’s anemia.

What the heck is going on!?!

Oh, and in three months, I’ve only lost 10 pounds.  That’s better than nothing but it ain’t nothin’ to write home about either.

So Hubs and I wracked our brains and scoured the internet trying to figure out what we did wrong and how to fix it.  This diet consists of low fungal/mycotoxin foods like grass fed meats, eggs, nuts and seeds, non-starchy vegetables, zero grains, a few fruits (grapefruit, berries and granny smith apples) and a few dairy products in small amounts like kefir, yogurt, butter, sour cream, cream cheese and cream.  Oh, and plenty of antifungals like coconut oil, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar, and oil of oregano.

After all our researching I’m pretty sure it’s the nuts and seeds are causing the cavities, anemia and high blood pressure.  They’re higher in the mineral robbing, tooth rotting phytic acid than grains are and we had just begun to increase our nut consumption through baking with almond meal and using almond milk as well as nuts already being our go to snack.  I also had slowed way, way down on the juicing in the last two weeks because I thought the high sugar content of the carrot juice might be why I wasn’t losing more weight which lowered the amount of minerals we were getting.  Well, I lost 1.5 pounds and sacrificed everyone’s health to do it. Phytic acid robs our bodies of bone and tooth building minerals and if it can’t find enough minerals to steal in the foods you’re eating, it will steal them right from your bones and teeth!  Even on the best diets some say we can only handle small amounts of nuts without being robbed…like 2 or 3 whole nuts a day.

There are ways of lowering the phytic acid through soaking and cooking and such, but I’m no expert on that stuff yet.  I just know it’s trouble if you eat a lot of nuts in any form.

Hubs bailed on the diet about a month ago when his GERD became an around the clock nuisance despite all the extra enzymes he was taking (before the nut binge.)  It rarely shows itself anymore and when it does it’s very, very mild.  But the rest of us have just gone off nuts and seeds (except quinoa last night, which I soaked in vinegar water for 24 hours first then rinsed and cooked it for 20 minutes.)  I made some 48 hour bone broth from grass fed soup bones and went back to juicing daily.  We’re having more dairy smoothies (sans the raw spinach)  and upped our butter consumption.   I also ordered the books Nourishing Traditions and Cure Tooth Decay as well as fermented cod liver/butter oil.  Oh, and daughter’s oil pulling every morning and I’m taking an iron supplement.

Already, the transparency that was throughout the lower 1/3rd of each tooth has all but completely gone back to normal and her teeth are turning white again and all but three of her molars look almost normal again.  My own teeth are no longer sensitive where the cavities are which is hopefully a good sign and my back and hip did not have pain and stiffness this morning.  Praise God!!

So now I’m back to baking with just coconut and tapioca flour…Oh, and I just got five pounds of raw cashews and 50 pounds of quinoa in the mail which I ordered pre major tooth decay!  I guess I’ll just use them on rare occasions after soaking, roasting and cooking the fire out of them.  I hope there’s nothing wrong with tapioca flour because I found a great recipe for grain/nut free bread that uses it and coconut flour here.

In all my researching I’m coming across more and more information about sugar and it’s important role in our health such as maintaining mineral balance.  Of course, this is in regards to natural sugars found in whole foods and not refined sugar sources.  It’s all very interesting like this article and this one.  Evidently I have a lot more studying to do…and just when I thought I had it all figured out!

Well, the mailman just knocked on my front door and handed me my books so it’s time to get reading.