Crocheted granny square quilt

LOTS of work right here!  


I crocheted this bedspread for my sweet little boy.  I has over 300 little granny squares which were fun to make but then I had to crochet them all together!


Popcorn stitch, Bubble stitch, Bobble stitch

As soon as the weather starts to cool off in the fall I always like to drag out my yarn collection and surf the internet for a new crochet project.  Now that most of my kids are in twin size beds I’ve decided to tackle making each of them a crocheted bedspread.  I finished my son’s blanket this past fall, which I started the fall before, and then moved on to one of my girls.  The baby, whose actually 3 and still in a toddler bed in my room, staked her claim on it as soon as she saw all the bright, pretty colors coming together even though I had originally planned to make it for my five year old daughter.  I’ve been hesitant to finish it because all winter she has been basically telling me that as soon as her blanket is finished she’s getting a big kid bed and moving out.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.  She’s my baby and probably the last one I’ll ever have.


Popcorn stitch, bubble stitch, bobble stitch crochet.

Popcorn stitch, bubble stitch, bobble stitch crochet.

The flip side of that coin is I still have three other daughters to make bedspreads for so I need to get crackin’!  Then again, maybe this coin has three sides because I keep hearing a voice in my head screaming “What were you thinking?!”  It’s taking me forever and to make matters worse I accidentally made this one wide enough to fit a queen sized bed and I’m only half way through.


Crocheted bedspread.

Crocheted bedspread.

This particular stitch has several names like popcorn, bubble, and bobble.  I learned the stitch from a great video tutorial found here.  It assumes you know the basic stitches so it’s not exactly for beginners but it’s not hard at all if you do already know how.  My grandma was an avid crocheter and she’s the one who taught me the basics of crocheting when I was about 12 which makes me love it even more now that she’s passed away.  I miss her.

Now that the weather is warming up I’m working on it less and less often and I’ll probably put it away very soon until the fall.  Thank goodness!