Champion Juicing


Juicing carrots, cucumbers, celery, and ginger.

Juicing carrots, cucumbers, celery, and ginger.

Back in November, Hubs persuaded his coworkers to have a “Biggest Losers” starting in January which would run for four weeks.  It would operate like the TV show but they named their contest the “Big Fat Loser” contest.  They had entry fees and a small weekly money prize for the guy who lost the highest percentage of weight each week ending with a larger money prize for the one who lost the highest percentage of body weight over all.  The rules were, you couldn’t use any pills or do anything so extreme as to put yourself into the hospital.  Pretty simple.  Diet and exercise.

Well, midway through, one of the guys confessed to drinking tons of water before the initial weigh in and then taking laxatives before each weekly weigh in so that combined with his low carb diet meant he won.  He should have been disqualified, but he’s a manager and no one wanted to be the one to tell him.  Evidently the name of this contest was a double entendre.

Anyway…Hubs wanted me to help him with his plan and motivate him and cook for him and tell him what he could and couldn’t eat et cetera.  Not my thing, I’m a middle child.  I didn’t have any plans of doing this with him either because I’ve done this particular diet enough to know it cuts to the core it’s so hard.  I was too stressed all the time and needed my comfort foods badly.  They were tasty distractions that I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to so it’s a miracle that two days before the contest we went grocery shopping for what Hubs needed and I bought enough for the whole family because I was in.

I wouldn’t weigh in or pay a fee, I’d just participate quietly on the sidelines and cheer my husband on.  I had high blood pressure and needed to loose some weight so I was willing to give it another try for as long as I could stand.

As of today, I’m still doing it!  Two and a half months into it and I’m still going and I don’t have plans to quit.  I want to be one of “those” people all the time.  You know the kind.  They always eat right because it’s what they want to do not because they have to.  Hubs is  a little more off and on, mostly on.  I’m convinced he’s got a major fungal overgrowth in his digestive tract and possible something like Chrone’s disease.  He’s a mess, bless his heart.  We’ve never been into going to the doctor for things we can fix and he doesn’t want to start now because he’s convinced we can fix this (and so am I.)

We’re following the Phase One diet of Doug Kaufmann’s and Know The Cause.  It’s an antifungal diet that’s been our go to health plan that we’re convinced can fix most any health problem.  Doesn’t everyone have one of those kind of plans?  No?  Of coarse you have to continue to eat right to maintain the benefits.  It always cracks me up when people scoff at a “diet” because, as they say, as soon as you go off the diet all your problems  come back.  Well, duh.  You are what you eat.

Well, I feel great!  My blood pressure has gone from 140/90ish to 110/70ish, my weight has come down, although I still need to lose more (I’m a really slow loser,)  my skin is softer and clearer, no more breakouts, and no more cravings for foods that I shouldn’t be eating.  Hubs had serious blood sugar problems being hypoglycemic and so did our oldest but eating the way we do now has eliminated all their woe’s and will hopefully fix Hubs digestion too.


Champion Juicer

Champion Juicer

As part of our new routine I juice every day.  My favorite is cucumber, celery, lots of carrots, and a bit of ginger.  It is so good.  Some days I crave large amounts and I drink all I want and most other days I’m good with 16 ounces or so.  Every now and then, I skip juicing and I’m usually dragging a little when I do.  It really does make a huge difference and as an on and off juicer since my teens, I can tell that it makes the biggest, quickest difference in the appearance of my skin.


Carrot, cucumber, celery, and ginger juice.

Carrot, cucumber, celery, and ginger juice.

Yesterday I juiced 3 pounds of carrots, 1 pound of celery, 2 large cucumber and a chunk of ginger.  It made just over 80 ounces and tasted amazing.  I give it to my kids too and they drink it without protesting so I think they like it too, especially if it has plenty of carrots to make it extra sweet.

Juicing is only part of the Phase One diet and as the name suggests it does have multiple phases.   I’m still on the first phase because it’s very doable for me and I think that’s what it will take for Hubs and I to get our bodies in order.

This post is too long already so more some other time.


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