Growing celery and avocado trees

Seems like everyone on Pinterest is growing their own celery these days so I figured I should at least give it a try.  I juice daily and typically use at least one whole celery bunch (usually two) every day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little of my money back?  I buy the organic which comes at a hefty price but since celery is otherwise covered in high amounts of pesticides I figure it’s worth it.  Right?  If it becomes too burdensome financially, I’ll probably just start juicing carrots and maybe I can grow some cucumbers this year in the garden too.  Now I’m chasing rabbits.  Back to the celery…



Regrowing Celery

Regrowing Celery

As I cut off the ends I place them in lovely yogurt tubs which I’ve cut down to about 1 1/2 inches and filled with water.  Right now they’re covering my piano to the point that I don’t have any room for more.  It’s really lovely, all those tubs…heh, heh.  It is working, they’re growing and needing to be planted and given more space.  I’m not sure how I’m gonna pull that one off seeing that my piano is completely full.  I suppose I can move them outside very soon and maybe even come up with a makeshift green house if necessary.

Last may I saved a couple of avocado seeds and suspended them over water with toothpick trying to get them to sprout.  It took a long, long, long time.  A couple of months went by before they even cracked open.  As soon as they did however, they picked up the pace and now they’re in pretty pots…on my piano.  It’s really the only place in the house with sun light and a place to set things.


Growing an avocado tree from seed.

Growing an avocado tree from seed.

(It’s in the pot on the left…next to my celery hoard.)   I have two of them and the other one is a little bigger.  I wonder what the odds are of ever getting any avocados from them are.  The climate here in Missouri isn’t warm enough for them to grow outside all year.  Hubs wants to build a green house and I figure if he does we can put them in that and then maybe we might get something, that is, if I don’t kill them first.  The pot next to the avocado had three plants in it until one of them died so now it has a big open spot.  I figured the ivy was doing so well and getting so long I’d clip a few vines and see if they’d grow roots in water then plant them in the bare spot.  Sure enough, they’re growing lots of little roots!

If it weren’t for Hubs, I probably wouldn’t have any house plants.  I can only remember one time in our relationship that he bought me flowers and it was a bunch of roses for Valentines day while we were dating.  Since then he’s always bought me potted plants or plants and pots with bags of dirt.  Ha!  He really is so sweet.  A couple of years ago, he did stop on the side of the road on his way home and picked me a huge bunch of wild flowers while the day lilies were in bloom…and the hemlock.  There was poisonous hemlock in that bouquet too.   It’s commonly mistaken for queen anne’s lace except it doesn’t have that tiny black flower in the very center of the bloom.  There are other subtle differences but if you don’t see that tiny black flower DON’T TOUCH IT!!  It can kill you in thirty minutes flat if you ingest it (don’t put it in your mouth for goodness sake!) OR if its juices get into your blood stream, say through a cut on your hand which could happen while your trying to pull that rascal out of the ground to put in your bouquet.  You know what?  Maybe you should just stay indoors.  It’s safer that way.


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